Case #1: Complete Landscape Solution on Waterfront Property:

Our clients came to us in the midst of the demolition phase of an existing cottage as they prepared to build a new home on the waterfront property. The project involved both functional and aesthetic landscape elements in order to re-establish the outdoor space after the demolition, construction, and installation of a new well & septic system. Such activities evidently took a toll on the property and they entrusted Landmark Landscape to offer a solution.

We designed a comprehensive plan that involved the following components:

Shorefront Revitalization – Removed existing stone shore-wall and replaced with larger boulders and river rock. Plants were carefully selected and planted to ensure a strong root system along the shorefront (therefore increasing its structural integrity).

Grading & Draining Systems – Ensured the entire property met the grade requirements of the client and the engineering plan. Drainage involved adequate swale features and installing basins/piping to discretely and effectively direct rainwater flow.

Walkway & Patio Construction – Built an entrance walkway and waterfront patio; utilized high quality paver stones, accent borders, and concrete barn board to tie the outdoor living space to the style used in the interior of the home. Also built interlock pads for a BBQ space and landings for a boathouse & dock.

Custom Step Installation – Installed custom limestone steps around various entrances to the home (sawn top & bottom to provide a both a natural and sleek appeal). Also installed a set of steps in the shore-wall for accessing the water.

Raised Driveway – Constructed an armour stone retaining wall in order to allow for a raised clear stone driveway.

Final Aesthetic Touches – Made several gardens, added fresh topsoil, plants & mulch, and sodded the entire property.


Case #2: Residential Landscape Transformation

This project involved an exciting challenge in terms of limited equipment access and crafting a small (all lawn) residential backyard into a beautiful & functional living space. Our clients were looking for a low-maintenance solution that included a patio, ample gardens, and some remaining green space for their dog.

We removed the poor quality soil & fill that existed in the yard and brought in over 20 tons of gravel to build an immovable base for the patio. A curved stone retaining wall was constructed, which served as a both a structural necessity (based on the grade of the property) and an aesthetic function in terms of tying in the patio to the surrounding gardens.

The patio has an abundance of curves and an accented circle – a feature our clients wanted for a combination sitting & fireplace area. We worked very collaboratively to ensure the space not only looked spectacular, but would serve the various functions its design was intended for.

Our clients were inspired by the backyard makeover to add a set of limestone steps to their front entrance, as well as a two-level garden retained by custom-cut armour stone.